Traveling with EZIP Skyline electric bike is always a pleasure.

Travel by eBike models.
Power Up and ride on bike. By the assistance the recent Skyline electro bike, you will take pleasure in a pleasurable ride and the advantage of our Currie Electro - Drive PAS / TAG system that let you to decide throttle only or pedal helping hand mode of electric power.
Equipped with a removable higher Lithium-ion polymer battery pack fitted at the rear of the seat tube, you can handily lock the e Bicycle out-of-doors and bear the battery package inside for loading. A pleasure saddle, vertical flexible positioning and a suspension fork to iron out the road, the electric bicycle model Skyline delivers gaiety and comfort on every run. Our excellent torque combination of parts flattens hilltops and allows traverse of 15 - 22 miles scope at 15+ mph on a single charge.
Key Features:
  * 250W of Power from a DC Brushed Earth Magnet Motor
  * Comfort Ride Bike Styling Available in Diamond Frame or Low Step Frame with Suspension Fork, Mid Rise Handlebars, Stem and Comfort Style Saddle
  * Real Transportation at Speeds up to 15 mph / 24 km/h (Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent)
  * Up to 15 - 22 Miles / 24 - 35 km Per Charge (Rider Weight, Rider Input, and Terrain Contingent).
  * The Skyline is an electric assist bicycle designed for flat and moderately rolling terrain. We have incorporated a protection circuit to prevent battery damage triggered by steep or long hills that cause high sustained power loading (>~25 seconds). In the event you exceed the design limits, the system will safely shut off and you can continue pedaling without power or you will coast to a stop. To restart, simply turn off the battery using the key and then turn it back on again to reset the circuit.

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Electric Bike EZIP Skyline

MOTOR 250W of Power from a DC Brushed Earth Magnet Motor
BATTERY EV Rated Li-ion type 24V / 10Ah, Mounted Behind the Seat Tube, Rechargeable Cells, Advanced BMS
CHARGE SYSTEM UL Listed Currie Smart Charger with LED Status Display
CONTROLLER Exclusive Currie Electro-Drive (R) 24 Volt Fully Potted with Power Gauge Function
TOP SPEED 15 mph / 24 km/h (Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent)
RANGE Up to 15 - 22 Miles / 24 - 35 km with Normal Pedaling (Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent).
DRIVE Patented Currie Electro-Drive(R) System, Shimano Rear Derailleur, Shimano Revoshifter, Shimano 6 Speed Freewheel
BRAKES Alloy Linear Pull with Alloy Motor Inhibit Levers
WHEELS Alloy Front QR Hub, Alloy 26" Double Wall Rims
TIRES Currie Comfort Tires 26" x 1.75"
HANDLEBAR / STEM Mid-Rise Bar and Stem
FORKS Suspension with Fender Eyelets
USER CONTROLS Power On/Off Switch, Easy Access Charger Port in Removable Battery Pack, Twist Throttle with PAS+TAG Function and Battery Gauge
SADDLE Comfort Design, Steel Seatpost
FRAME Exclusive Currie Aluminum, Fender and Rack Mounts
CRANKS AND PEDALS Alloy 42T Crankset, with chaincover, Resin Dual Sided Pedals
NET WEIGHT 52 lbs / 24 kg
SIZES Diamond Frame, Low Step